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Whipps Cross Maternity

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Rcraddock Tue 11-Nov-14 11:02:35

l am feeling a little nervous about going to this hospital ,as l've only read negative reports/articles ....Have people got recent positive experience from the maternity unit here , thanks

LocalEditorWalthamForest Tue 18-Nov-14 16:14:54

Hi there! Thank you for your post, I'm sorry things seem a bit quiet on here. I'm afraid my birth experiences were at the Homerton & Whittington however I am very happy to put a shout out on twitter and FB if that's helpful? Let me know and I'll post accordingly. For what it's worth I've only heard good things about Whipps Cross!

Ashgrove Mon 05-Jan-15 23:30:18

My experiences weren't that recent (DC are 9, 7 and 5), but I had three happy high risk pregnancies under consultant care at Whipps and the staff were lovely, my clinic always overran, but that was because the Consultant took her time with every patient and made sure that they fully understood what she was saying and asked all the questions they wanted.

Very good prenatal care, and delivery care was good for two of the three births (was ok for the other, but the midwife didn't believe me that I have quick labours, so wasn't ready for a baby to make her arrival after only 2 hours of active labour and had to run out the room for a delivery pack (and then forgot to test the cord blood as written in my notes, which resulted in 3 months of blood tests on DD1 which could have been avoided if the cord blood had been test, I have a weird blood group and by the time I remembered to check she had done it, it was to late to do the test)

Post natal wards were busy with few midwives, but I think at is the same most places and I was fully mobile after each birth so was left to my own devises while waiting to be discharged.

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