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Moving to Lenzie

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AmandaReid1 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:53:56


My husband and I are looking to move to Lenzie as we are hoping to start a family soon. We really like the area and hear the schools are good. We went for a drive the other day but couldn't see many pubs/ shops/ cafes. Are there any? It would be nice to have even one pub that we could walk to.



thetaylors Fri 13-Mar-15 09:41:41

Hi Amanda
Did you move yet? We're looking at the same area and have the same concerns... Just curious how you are finding it?
Thank you

FCEK Thu 19-Mar-15 21:04:00

Lenzie is nice but quiet, excellent school though. Why not look at bearsden / milngavie?

kirkygal Thu 19-Mar-15 22:54:32

nice area-very easy to get to the centre of glasgow or edinburgh but local cafes/pubs /restaurants are not great. Much better amenities in Bearsden/Milgavie but house prices a bit higher. Personally i prefer the lenzie area

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