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Low Port Primary or South Queensferry Primary??

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Slinky13 Mon 10-Nov-14 11:47:07


Can any one give me advice on these 2 primary schools. Can't decide on which one.

My son is turning 6 in June 2015. Should he go to Primary 1 or 2 we are moving from South Africa to Scotland Aug 2015.


Theclockisticking Sun 23-Nov-14 23:40:14

Hello Slinky,

Firstly, your son will go into P2.

With regards the 2 schools it will completely depend on if you choose to stay in Linlithgow (Low Port) or South Queensferry (S.Queensferry primary). Don't know if you are aware (and I apologise if you are) but schools in Scotland offer places primarily on if you live in the catchment area. Therefore, you would need to live in a particular area of Linlithgow to attend the Low Port or you could submit a placing request if you live outside the catchment area but as the schools are mostly oversubscribed it is unlikely you would get a place. Also it may be worth considering if the move is long term. If it is then you may want to factor in the likely Secondary School. Linlithgow Academy has a fantastic reputation and is always up there at the top of the League Tables.

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