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MayBaby1 Sun 09-Nov-14 17:03:30

Hi everyone,

We are considering a move to Ruislip and are looking at a property near Ruislip Manor station. We will potentially be near Warrender and Lady Bankes primary schools...could you give me opinions on these and which one you would prefer?

MayBaby1 Wed 12-Nov-14 13:47:58


I guess it's not a very active forum...

Dinomo Sat 15-Nov-14 13:25:34

Hi, I am in south ruislip but my son attends a faith school. I dont really know these two schools but all the schools in the Ruislip area are pretty good. Read the ofsted reports, compare the ks1 and 2 sat results within hillingdon and against national average/nearby areas such as harrow and ealing. Might also be worth trying the primary education forum on the main mumsnet website or netmums.

brookegrange Fri 21-Nov-14 18:55:40

it's always a good idea to contact the schools to see if they will give you a tour. i live in nearby hillingdon and i have done a few tours (as my daughter starts school next year). it has been very helpful in getting an idea of what schools are like and the staff.

vaishyv24 Fri 09-Dec-16 10:11:02

Hello MayBaby1, we're deciding between these two schools too, which one did you go for?

Outandaboutonthesofa Mon 02-Jan-17 22:00:47

vai did you decide?

I have a child at Warrender. It's perfectly OK but can be quite clicky in my opinion

Ruislipchic Tue 03-Jan-17 09:42:33

Warrender is small only 1 form entry but is well regarded. Lady Bankes infants is well thought of but I think there have been issues of late with the Junior School.

Beba11 Mon 04-Jun-18 21:03:41

I know this is an old post but any feedback would be great as I am choosing between the two. Apparently the LB juniors has massively improved since the new head and turned around. If you have a child there would like to know your opinion. Thanks

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