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South Lincolnshire- I need your help!

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LittleQuacks2710 Sat 01-Nov-14 07:48:35

I am in the process of starting up a nursery and I'm wondering what experiences you south lincolnshire mummies have had with finding good childcare?
Do you feel there is a demand for nurseries in the area?
What is most important to you, price, hours, staff personalities and qualifications, forest school, farm location, communication with parents?
I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Little Quacks smile

allreadytogo Thu 01-Jan-15 20:45:02

I'm willing to pay the going rate for nusery care, but really appreciate (apart from high standards of care obviously!) flexibility. The ability to book in extra days as and when needed and extend for an hour or start an hour earlier for example. Also maybe drop offs would be very useful as we are a one car household and 2nd car plus nursery fees start to cancel out the point of working! I also appreciate good communication- to know what my baby has been doing during the day on pick up- not minute by minute as I can appreciate the day is busy, just to know nap times and how well he's eaten his meals and any activities he's appeared to enjoy. Maybe this could be inthe form of a brief handover, or even a few points written into a shared communication book.
Good look with your new nursery!

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