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Tell me about Beverley

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jaobrien1980 Fri 24-Oct-14 21:32:08

We're possibly moving to the East Riding for work reasons and looking at settling in Beverley. We've got a budget of £160,000ish for a house and two young DCs to find pre-schools and later schools for. Any good advice from locals?

fairgame Fri 24-Oct-14 22:18:12

I used to live in Beverley a few years back (left in 2010) and my parents still live there.
Generally you will be ok in most parts of Beverley but try and avoid the Grovehill area. Stay west of the railway line for the nicer areas.
Molescroft is a nice area. The estates near Morrisons (Lincoln Way and Normandy Ave estates) are nice and have lots of families. However i believe they are building a new bypass behind the Lincoln Way estate so you might need to consider how close it will be if you decide to look there.

Molescroft Primary has always had a very good reputation and is probably the best of the schools. My son used to go to Minster Primary but i believe it has recently gone a bit downhill. My son has special needs and Minster were terrible with him tbh but the other parents didn't have any problems.

I honestly found my time in Beverley very difficult. It was mainly due to DS's disability, people were very judgemental and not very understanding at all. We just didn't fit in. However my parents love the place, they have lived there years.
If i'm objective then it is a good place to live. It has a nice range of shops and restaurants, interesting history and it's a very pretty town. There are really good childcare facilities, particularly a good range of afterschool care (or there was when i lived there). It's definitely a good place to raise a family.

jaobrien1980 Wed 29-Oct-14 19:34:52

Fairgame, thanks for all the information. I've got the impression most of the areas east of the railway line are basically fine bar Grovehill? I'm sorry it wasn't a good place to be in terms of your son's special needs sad. Hope wherever you are is easier now.

fairgame Wed 29-Oct-14 20:31:30

My parents always say stay west of the railway line but they are quite snobbish (think hyacinth bouquet!). Grovehill is definitely a no go area. My parents had terrible problems when they lived off Cherry Tree Lane. Be careful near the beck as well as i've heard it can be a bit smelly/stagnant in warm weather and there were rumours of rats shock
I'm not sure about the Swinemoor lane area but it always looked ok driving past and ive heard that Parklands is ok.

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