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Can anyone recommend a good childminder in the Sevenoaks area?

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kallen14 Wed 15-Oct-14 14:33:16

Hi there,

Recently became a first time mum and I am looking to return to work in March. I need to consider childcare for my daughter who will be 9 months. I have visited a number of nurseries around my work area, and I have put a deposit down on one, however only just thought about childminders.

Now I am unsure as to what is best for my little girl. I am really unsure about a nursery as I just don't know whether she will get the ultimate care I believe she will require at such a young age, whereas have some belief that a childminder would be able to donate more time and attention to my child.

I am a teacher myself and so I am very up to date with ofsted requirements and so would expect a childminder to be registered and of a standard of good or above. I am due to go back to work 2 days a week. I would like to find a childminder for term time only around the Sevenoaks area.

Can anyone offer any advice, reassure me in what has worked for them and/or recommend a good childminder who ticks all of the boxes above.


ChildminderN Sat 24-Jan-15 21:08:25

Hi, This post is a few months old but if you are still looking for a Childminder I have availability and I am in Sevenoaks. I offer term time contracts. If there is any chance you are still looking please contact me childmindernaomi@gmailcom

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