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Primary schools which are the best in Dunfermline? How is limekilns?

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Biombg1 Mon 13-Oct-14 13:24:33

Hello I am moving to fife with my 3 children aged 7,4 and 1. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good primary school (I am in catchment for limekilns) and nursery or childminder. Which are the best primary schools in the Dunfermline area? How good is Limekilns? My son is dyslexic so I would like a school that is good at supporting this. I have found is difficult to get information on the performance of schools so thank you in advance.

LocalEditorFife Wed 15-Oct-14 09:43:31

Hi Biombg1, sorry you haven't had a response to your question yet but welcome to the talk boards for Fife. I personally don't know a great deal about Limekilns primary but here is a link for Fife Council and information about the school along with some contact details.

I will share this on Facebook and Twitter to get some more responses for you. Are there any other schools that you are looking at as well?

Welcome to Fife!

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