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Ofsted temporarily closes nursery - anyone heard this?

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roundwood Fri 10-Oct-14 20:19:08

My friend's very worried. Ofsted have closed her 2yo's nursery while they investigate a serious allegation concerning safeguarding and welfare of children in the nursery's care. Has anyone else heard about this or have an idea what's going on? My friend is in hospital, BTW, I'm asking for her while she's out of action.

NymeriaSand Thu 16-Oct-14 21:32:55

Sorry I haven't heard anything on the grapevine, I suppose the only thing she could do is speak to the nursery management or to ofsted themselves to get an idea of what happened and what they're doing about it.
It must be so worrying though.
Hope your friend gets better soon.

roundwood Thu 16-Oct-14 22:08:25

thanks Nymeria, I hope so too. She's torn between the idea something's badly wrong so she should pull her ds out to him being settled at nursery which is important when there are changes at home due to serious illness. Wish I had a magic wand to wave to sort it out for her...

NymeriaSand Fri 17-Oct-14 19:58:16

Tbh, I would pull my dc out, there are lots of good nurseries in Luton and it must have been something very serious for them to close the nursery down.
I have heard of staff being suspended before, but not a whole nursery being closed down.

tubehound Sat 06-Dec-14 14:04:36

Switch to Hart Hill. Our 3yo D's loves it.

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