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Grace Dieu or Fairfield Prep

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3puds Sat 04-Oct-14 21:54:32

Hi Local Mumsnetters

Hoping for some help from those 'in the know'.

Looking for a school for ds who will start in reception 2015.

We have looked at Grace Dieu but the year group sizes just seem too small to field a decent sports team for when ds is older. Love the feel and atmosphere though. It feels warm and welcoming and like they care. Ds is extremely bright and being realistic he is already reading and his maths is amazing (gets this from dh) and I worry they won't stretch him.

Contrasting Grace Dieu with Fairfield and it just seems the polar opposite. Good year group sizes but still small class sizes BUT the reception teachers are plain rude. We went to the open day and 2 stood there talking to each other and didn't acknowledge that we had walked in the room and head of the reception department was completely uncharismatic and there was no warmth to her manner. I feel that even at the age of 4/5 children need some nurturing and a friendly smile. However, the school is academically very strong and would definitely stretch ds I feel.

Anybody got any helpful insights as they would be gladly received. Can anyone offer any alternatives?

Thanks in advance!


bayleaf Thu 30-Oct-14 19:19:27

Have you considered Ratcliffe? It has size on its side and more of the feel of Grace Dieu than Fairfield. My children are there/going in September and I am very happy with it (and I'm a teacher so particular difficult to please!) happy to talk off line if you need a sounding board - I took forever to choose schools for dd1 to I can certainly empathise!

Stella116 Thu 20-Nov-14 22:57:53

I am really surprised to read about your experience at Open Day. My dd goes to Fairfield and she really enjoys herself. She comes home and chats about her day with great enthusiasm and we have been delighted with the way she has progressed and been nurtured by the staff. Just a suggestion but if you are still undecided on which school would be best, then why not go for a chat with the Head Teacher. He gets involved in all aspects of the school (his 'Incredible Hulk' for Children In Need Day was quite the costume!) and knows the children really well. Hope that helps.

Fozzleyplum Tue 28-Mar-17 18:54:39

If the Geography suits you, it sounds as though the best fit would be Twycross House.

Fozzleyplum Tue 28-Mar-17 18:55:22

Oops-just realised this is a v old thread!

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