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Good pre-scholl/nursery in Walthamstow?

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StowFrenchy Thu 02-Oct-14 13:17:37

Hi all!
I am looking for a good pre-school/nursery in the Stow.
I have visited a few and am hoping for my son to get in Churchill but not too much hope as it is very full. I have also applied for Low Hall and Chapels End. I am also thinking about Montessori... My son is bilingual French/English - anyone has any advice on any/all of the places above?
Thanks in advance! smile

soulgirl49 Fri 10-Oct-14 13:46:34

i would highly reccommend Chapel End but i see you have already made an application. My daughter who is now in year 5 primary went there froma aged 2 to 4 . It was only when she went to school I realised she knew far more than the children who attended chucrh Hill (the trendy 'popular' choice with all the gentrified types). she could write her name regognise colours and count up to 20. some of the other kids could not even regognise their names. Also chapel end has a great emphasis on playing outdoors and has a fantastic play area and is near Lloyd park, and whatsmore has a really good racial and social mix. some of the schools also have nurseries now so check some of them out.

Louet Sun 01-Nov-15 15:59:28

Hi StowFrenchy! I'm in the same position as you, one year on. Son (3) and daughter (1) French/English. We're moving near to the village and looking at childcare options. Did you find a nice one? Are you doing any French groups? Thank you! Lou

EliP2016 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:22:39

Hi StowFrenchy! I know this is a few years back, but I was just wondering which nursery did you end up choosing. Moving to higham hill area in January and also been looking at the Montessori school. Thanks!

StowWonder Tue 29-Nov-16 16:52:29

Hi EliP. No advice about nurseries I'm afraid but have you joined Walthamstow Parents on Facebook? Really active, friendly group and I'm sure you'll get some help there.

LadyLondonE4 Wed 14-Dec-16 16:07:38

Hi There ladies smile

I wanted to get some advice on pre-school's and the best ones I am actually based in Highams Park and have my lo baptised roman catholic (my partner is RC and I am CoE) anyway I would of prefered a catholic pre-school I know St Marys would be our choice but I wasnt sure if I needed to get her on a list now??? shes only 9 months.

Any advice would be awesome thank you xx

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