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Grommets insertion and adenoids removal

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dvamv Wed 01-Oct-14 14:22:02


My son (5) has glue ears and needs grommets insertion and adenoidectomy. We live near portsmouth and therefore I guess I could either go through NHS in QA hospital or private (if NHS has long waiting lists).
Has any mum experience of such surgery (good or bad) either through NHS or private would really help me to get to a decision.
I have booked an appointment with the GP next week and need to make a decision before then.
Any names of good ENT surgeons or advice of people or hospitals to either prefer or avoid maybe?
Any advice on what to expect after the surgery?
All people that I have spoken said is a simple surgery (of course none of them had any personal experience) but I'm still very scared and very worried about this whole thing.

milliemoosmarkets Sun 26-Oct-14 20:59:29

Hi there - my son had grommets, adenoids and tonsils out in August. The worst part was the tonsils so it sounds as though you are avoiding that bit.
The worst part of the whole process for us was holding your child when they knock them out and they suddenly go floppy in your arms - no one can quite prepare you for how horrible that feels. The surgery was very quick - about an hour. We went private as the waiting list was so long and had Mr Hellier but we live in Southampton so that was at Soton General. He was brilliant.
When they brought him round after the surgery he was very confused and delirious and in a lot of pain but that was the tonsils. Prepare for him to be very distressed, till the morphine kicks in then he'll go back to sleep again! When he woke up he was fine and recovered very quickly.
Good luck! Hope it all goes well. x

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