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Nursery and Reception school reviews in East croydon

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imaniket Wed 01-Oct-14 11:36:47

Hello Friends,

I am looking for a good Nursery and Reception school for my 3 yr old son in east croydon. Any suggestions/reviews of schools will be really helpful...


SandersteadMum Thu 02-Oct-14 13:05:45

Hi Anisha,

It's really hard to work out which nursery and school are the best fit for our child. Reputations and even names of schools change so quickly too. It's worth attending the open days.

I think the closest to you are going to be:
ARK Oval Primary Academy
Davidson Primary
Park Hill Infants
Woodside Primary
Robert Fitzroy Academy - this one is quite new.

We have a list of primary schools - most, if not all, state primary schools and some independent schools here:

We have a few nurseries here too:

Hopefully someone with some more recent local knowledge will be along here soon.

Good luck

Evascoming Tue 07-Oct-14 14:18:11


Park Hill school is excellent, probably the best but we weren't in the catchment area for it. My 3-year old daughter goes to St Mary's Catholic School (nursery), which has an outstanding OFSTED inspection rating and it's a nice school. The Oval school is apparently good, but don't know about the others.

Good luck with choosing!

imaniket Wed 08-Oct-14 09:56:43

Thanks a lot for the info. These details will be really helpful.

LocalEditorCroydon Mon 29-Dec-14 15:58:07

Imaniket Which schools did you opt for - it's good for other Mumsnetters to know which are the best schools in the area.

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