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Cheap (nice!) areas to live

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Wishbabycouldtalk Sat 27-Sep-14 17:18:06

Hi, I'm just here for some advice on the best and cheapest places to rent in East Sussex.

I'm born and bred Lewes and Brighton, andwas living in Hove until DS arrived. Our rent was more than we could afford back then, but it was a nice flat (for the most part). Our new family moved in with my in-laws when DS arrived ahead of schedule, my husband's father is a builder and very kindly knocked 2 rooms together to house us. Now I need to get OUT. My MIL is driving me mad. I don't want to permanently damage my relationship with her, but I'm scared that one day I'll call her on her snobbery and double standards, and her interferring, and the fallout won't be good. (I know that sounds ungrateful, I am thankful they've let us stay.)

We were meant to be saving for a deposit, but with paying them rent, and my husband's commuting costs (we don't drive, he's is learning) along with a crap wage it's not going to happen anytime soon. So I was hoping some local mums could help me out with where the best places are to rent in the area.

I've seen an old thread about areas to avoid in Hastings and St Leonards, but I was wondering what up to date advice anyone could give? Anywhere in the area, really. Hastings probably is too far from Brighton, but I'm open to suggestions. Would love to be in Lewes near my family, but far, far too expensive!!

Thanks to anyone reading xx

oliphanticus Sun 19-Oct-14 13:48:05

Hi there,
Hastings is far from Brighton, but both there and St Leonards are good value for money, property-wise. You could learn to love it! Bexhill - a lot nearer to Brighton, not as dodgy as Hastings, a direct train to Brighton - worth a look! I love Eastbourne - not as cheap as Hastings but much less expensive than Brighton. That could be a solution... I have friends with small children in all of these places, so don't be worried about having things to do. x

pollybean Mon 02-Feb-15 19:32:11

I too am thinking about moving to the south east - we are looking to rent somewhere just outside of brighton so we can afford a decent place to live. is bexhill really up and coming? i dont want to be somewhere where i cant make friend sand have things to do with my new baby, who is due in june. i really love brigton and would love to be more central to it - but i think the cost of living is way to high - so bexhill? a good place to be for a young new start up family? if not...where else could we look? thanks for any help - much appreciated!

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