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Hugless Douglass at The Broadway Theatre - Great Show!

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LocalEditorBarkingDagenham Fri 26-Sep-14 21:47:35

I love going to the theatre but never seem to have the time. So I was delighted to be able to pop along to The Broadway Theatre last Thursday to see the Blunderbus production of Hugless Douglas. Blunderbus is a children's theatre company that tours across the UK and internationally producing shows based on well known children's books, as well as drama workshops in schools.

I haven't been to The Broadway Theatre before - it was the perfect setting for Hugless Douglas as the stage isn't raised, so the audience felt as if they were part of the show. There were lots of excited school children (the show was held at 10.30am so most of the audience comprised of groups from nearby schools) and once the lights started to dim, a hush fell across the room.

It took a while for Douglas to be awoken from his sleep, much to the amusement of the audience. And the kids loved it when Douglas walked amongst the audience in his search for the perfect hug, or gave them items to hold like his map and the splinter from his bottom! But there were a few tears from a couple of the more sensitive children in the audience who were a little over awed by the general 'big-ness' of Douglas.

The cast comprised of 3 actors, including Douglas, and they were all full of energy. The slapstick style comedy is ideal for children of this age range, 3-7 years, and the word 'bottom' (or the wriggling of said bottom) is always guaranteed plenty of laughs. And if you end up sitting in the front rows, make sure you're ready to catch the sheep (don't worry, this will make sense when you're there!).

Overall, it was a fun and very entertaining show that I would certainly recommend for young ones, as long as they are not scared of big, cuddly bears of course! smile

Hugless Douglas is still on tour and you can see where he is next appearing on the Blunderbus site at Blunderbus

Tickets to the show were kindly provided by Blunderbus but, needless to say, the views expressed are my own

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