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Child development research

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ami2k4 Thu 25-Sep-14 22:08:13


I'm studying child development (masters level) at Northumbria University and as part of the course I need to observe a baby develop, an hour a week from newborn to 2. The learning is to see how baby is interacting with parents, family and the environment, how they reach their milestones and to follow the stages from birth to two. It is a commitment but open minded parents might like that someone is interested in their new baby. It is nonintrusive I am not to give advice, make comment and it really is just for my learning and development; to improve my knowledge and have first hand experience.

I'm a registered nurse currently practicing in the NHS, I have an up to date CRB and also the assurance from northumbria lecturers. It is fully confidential and an agreement between me and the family.

I'd be grateful if you could consider my request.
Many thanks!

Ami Hawthorn

LocalEditorTyneside Fri 03-Oct-14 08:24:47

Hi Ami

I have sent you a dm as someone has responded to this request on twitter.

Good luck with the study.


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