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Looking to move to Wood Green

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CHeap88 Mon 22-Sep-14 22:49:59

Hi, we're looking to move to Wood Green in the Noel Park area but would really appreciate people's views / experience of the area. We currently rent in Finsbury Park but can't afford to buy there and have found a nice place in Wood Green but only reservation is that we don't know the area at all and an internet search of Wood Green seems to dig up quite mixed reports. Any insight from someone who knows the area would be much appreciated! Thanks

StAnnsmum Fri 26-Sep-14 18:03:21

Hi, I'm not actually in Wood Green, I'm in Tottenham, but in the bit which is fairly near to Turnpike Lane tube and the Noel Park area. I'm not surprised that you're getting mixed reviews - it's quite a mixed area - it's more expensive than Tottenham and some families do move there who wouldn't consider near me. When I was buying, I did look in Green Lanes/near Turnpike Lane too, but we were able to get a small house here for the cost of a rather dodgy conversion in Wood Green.

Noel Park - advantages include good transport links, walking distance to the shops in Wood Green, some nice parks and playgrounds - Russell Park, Ducketts Common and Lordship Rec, nearby groups and activities for under 5s at the Children's Centre, the Salvation Army building and the library on the High Road.

The schools vary and it probably depends on exactly where in Noel Park or Wood Green you are - one of my friends lives in the south east of the area - nearest to Tottenham, but very close to one of the best rated and most oversubscribed primaries in the area (Belmont) - I know Noel Park primary school has been a bit more struggling. There are different views and attitudes to academies and free schools and this has been an issue in Wood Green as well as in Tottenham.

Some reported crime is quite high in the Noel Park ward, but I suspect this is partly because of crimes which would be associated with the busy shopping area and two tube stations. Many of the problems or concerns that people have about Wood Green (or even Tottenham) are not really that different from those in Finsbury Park.

NaomiPS Wed 26-Nov-14 11:17:57

I have just moved to Turnpike Lane and really like it. The houses in Noel Park are really lovely but we ruled it out largely as we heard not great things about the primary there. So we moved within the Belmont catchment area. Our local pub has just become a lightly overpriced gastropub so the area is defenitely on its way up. Advantages: Lordship rec - nice park and a new cafe and hub to beocme areal community place. Also Downhills park, nice cafe. Lots of young families in the area. Can recommend.

rslepley Wed 07-Jan-15 09:33:16

My partner and I have just bought property in the Noel Park area. We absolutely love it.
It is a really up and coming area of London - lovely parks, there's a new deli open, a Tesco express...and all the amenities of the high road. It has down sides, like any London area.
I grew up in Hampstead and East Finchley, and find Wood Green an easy adjustment!

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