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moving a child back an academic year? what to do?

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snaphappy5 Tue 16-Sep-14 10:21:41

hello all! I'm just feeling a bit confused and unsure about a decision i have to make concerning my daughter at school in hereford and would like some advice. my daughter has always struggled academically and has always been behind where she should be. we moved to hereford a year ago and she started her new school in year 4 but was in a mixed 3/4 year group! she joined the school very behind, shy, with drawn and un confident and in one year thrived! she left year 4 in july very confident and happy having made great progress with extra support during school and after school with senco support etc. she made lots of new friends in her class that were year 3 students but at her level both socially and academically! but now this september she has gone back to school into year 5 and things are very different! she is now in a mixed 5/6 year group and really struggling both socially and academically. she has lost all confidence in herself and is coming home un happy and upset. all her friends are now in year 4 and in the class bellow and she feels she dosnt fit in with the year 5/6 class that she is currently in. it has been suggested that she is moved back a year into year 4 and does this year again. this would mean she stays a year behind all the way through primary to secondary so will join secondary a year later and leave school a year later etc! the has been lots of meetings with senco and the head teacher but it is my decision to make and i just want to be sure to make the right one! i have spoken to my daughter and she is happy to move back and has expressed that she does want to do that but still i worry is this the right thing to do for her long term and will the be any implications for her later in life! is the anyone who has experienced this issue with a child? and has it helped them? please help. feeling worried.

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