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Riddlesden, Utley, Braithwaite.... Schools help

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kirbymamma Mon 15-Sep-14 16:13:21


considering a move up north from south london as originally from the harrogate area. will probably work in leeds so trying to find nice spots to live that are a good/easy commuting distance from Leeds city centre. I have found some loveley houses in keighley's surrounding villages and also in bradford area too but i am not familar with the areas at all and have no clue about schools. A quick look at keighly schools and its not looking good on the secondary front. I have found a great house in BD22 but not clear on what primary and secondary schools my kids could/would go to. ANy help appreciated - if you know these areas and can shed any light or if you have any other suggestions. Also looking at skipton, otley, ilkley, menston etc.

Thanks in advance xx

Felix90 Tue 07-Oct-14 15:24:35

Hi, I am moving from Leeds out to Baildon (BD17) next month and the area is lovely, so worth looking there. Upper Baildon is a lot nicer than Lower Baildon, and there's a couple if good primary schools there too (sorry don't know if you want primary or secondary). Ilkley can be very pricey but Otley is slightly cheaper as there isn't a train station. Look at the places on the train line out from Leeds to Ilkley (Burley in Wharfedale is really nice) as they are generally good areas.

Cathstaff Wed 29-Oct-14 19:16:03

Sorry to butt in but I am also thinking of a move to Baildon. Can you tell me which part people describe as Upper Baildon? And also which primary school is supposed to be good there?? Thank you!

Felix90 Fri 14-Nov-14 09:50:12

Hi Cath, sorry only just seen this. Upper Baildon is the top part towards the moor if you're looking on a map. I believe the part closest to Saltaire is classed as lower Baildon. The CofE school is meant to be the best but there's another one which is good too (sorry can't remember the name, haven't really looked much as dd is only 10mo).

AmandaEgg Thu 20-Nov-14 21:00:25

Hi Cath, the area towards baildon moor/golf course I believe to be a nice area. I have a neice and newphew who go to Hawksworth Primary school which they love which is close by, it is a small CofE primary school. It may be worth having a look at Eldwick too as a search area as that is very nice if it isn't too far out of the way of where you want to be.

BB01 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:41:39

Hi, I live between Riddlesden and East Morton. I'd say for primaries I wouldn't move any closer towards Keighley than Bingley, as they go downhill from there. We thought we'd be ok where we are as there are 2 good schools but we're on the borderline and neither is guaranteed. Bingley Grammar is ok but Beckfoot (further towards Bingley) is better. However a lot of people round here pay for private schools. The houses are relatively cheap so some people find that a good compromise. Lady Lane in Bingley has a fantastic reputation.

BB01 Wed 17-Dec-14 18:16:23

Kirby we're considering moving to Ilkley, Skipton or Otley either now or in the future. They seem to be some of the very best areas for schools (meant to say earlier, sorry!) but you'll get lots less for your money than in Keighley I'm sorry to say!

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