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moving to MK for a short period..any advice?

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ERISELDASHKOPI Mon 08-Sep-14 21:17:12


I’m a PhD in Italy, and I’ll move to Milton Keynes, for 3-4 months, starting September 18th, as a visiting at the Open University..
I love your mumsnet I see is really helpful. if possible I’m posting this message to ask you some advices concerning nurseries and accommodation in MK.

I’ll bring with me my three-years-old child, and concerning the nursery I already emailed the three nurseries in Milton Keynes which I found on the council web site.
Do you have any other advices?.It seems to me it will be very hard to find a short term place, already one of this nurseries answered saying there are not available places at the moment

Then concerning accommodation I decided to come first alone, and search directly from there.
Do you have any advice about web sites or agencies where to look for?

I’m already searching through, gumtree, spareroom, flatclub, and also gave a look at bridgstreet (which seems really expensive).
Do you think I’ll be able to find a studio for 700€ (all included per month) which is my budget...?

Sorry for all these questions, is all so new for me, but I know after the first month, living there will be a great experience for me and my child
If you are planning any meeting during the week 18-25, it will be a pleasure for me to meet you.
Thank very much

redskyinMK Tue 09-Sep-14 15:24:39

Re accommodation - have you tried the listings in the local paper
I think you will struggle to find a place for 3 months tbh as most rentals want you to sign up for at least 6 months - have you contacted the OU accommodation officer, he must deal with similar problems all the time!?

Re nurseries, there is the Mulberry Bear Nursery on the OU campus

Another local nursery (obviously hard to say since you don't know where you are living) is Kiddicaru

Or you could try Kents Hill nursery - this is really a pre-school attached to a school but they do wrap around care to cover the 8-6(ish) period - though your child would be in with older children for the wrap around bit. They sometimes have places available

Really I would suggest contacting the OU and asking them for help - they must have experience in managing short term placements.

ERISELDASHKOPI Tue 09-Sep-14 16:31:16

Thank you very much for your helpful reply!!
I already emailed OU, and will re - email them concerning accomodation, but probably I was not talking to the right person. The local paper has much more opportunities..
COncerning the nursery I already sent the application to Mulbery bear and waiting for answer, but I didn't know about the other two that you menitoned, so thank you again. Eriselda

leojohnsmummy Mon 06-Feb-17 16:26:01

i would look through the local news papers,
if you have no luck then look on zoopla, they have loads on there and tbh they aren't badly priced!

hope you find what your looking for and hope you enjoy stay in milton keynes!

zipzapmk Tue 07-Feb-17 10:05:30

I would also ask them if you can have early access to their internal intranet or notice board or whatever they call it.

My sis used to work at the OU and dh did a couple of degrees there, both a while ago now. But I seem to remember that there was quite a good intranet where people would post about things like accommodation and childcare - you might find that there are other students who will be moving out around the time you come and if their landlord is used to people coming for 3-4 months they will be happier to do the same again rather than a random landlord from the paper who is looking for a long term tenant.

Enjoy your stay in MK!

redskyinMK Tue 07-Feb-17 16:48:19

This thread is over 2 years old. I expect that OP has been and gone!!

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