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floppyears Mon 08-Sep-14 14:06:12

Looking for a mother and baby swimming group in north manchester/salford (preferably on a wednesday) but open to all suggestions. Not lessons just somewhere I can take my 1 and a half year old for a splash smile Thanks

Blackpoolheights Tue 09-Sep-14 09:04:47

Hi there, will have a look for you now but I know a lot of the sure start centres do a baby/toddler swim session, not lessons just nursery rhymes and fun in the water.

Link is here but we would advise ringing to check dates and times.

If you just fancy going on your own with the dc check here where you can do a search for times during the day when the pool is open to families.

floppyears Tue 09-Sep-14 22:42:59

Thanks so much, I'll give them a call and see what the times are. Do you know if it's mums and babies only? Don't want to go to a mixed session...

Blackpoolheights Wed 17-Sep-14 21:44:57

I don't know if they are mixed sorry. Did you ever get sorted?

floppyears Thu 18-Sep-14 17:20:42

I've found one on tuesday afternoon which sounds like what I'm after. Thanks smile

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