New Christian Primary school In Glasgow

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lizkalsi Mon 08-Sep-14 12:26:05

Hi All, I just wanted to give any Christian parents out there a heads up that there is a brand new fully christian school in Robroyston. At time of writing this there are just a handful of pupils, my daughter included....class size of 5! There is capacity for about 10 more pupils so if you're interested for your children get in touch right away!! teaching so far has been excellent, parents are encouraged to be fully involved with school decisions, and every school subject is taught in a Christ focussed manner. Due to the small class sizes this may appeal to people of other or no faith who may have had problems with their child in mainstream schools- that is fine too as long as you are happy with your children being taught from the Word of God!!!! To get in touch look up sunrise christian school .

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ouchthathurt Tue 09-Sep-14 10:18:58

Is it free?

chiajan Sat 13-Sep-14 17:45:23

Hi! I am interested. however, I am moving from Singapore to Glasgow in Nov. I research that East end is not as safe Bec of drugs etc. Is the area around sunrise school safe?

Ogeh Mon 18-May-20 09:08:06

I am interested in a Christian school for my kids

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