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need info on Stroud primaries- not much luck with the council so far!

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fluffybunnies246 Sat 06-Sep-14 17:56:22

Hi I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me with vaguely how the school situation is in Stroud. Myself and my husband are getting back together after a period of separation and need to move out of our current small house. Stroud appeals to us on many levels. However, we are very nervous about the prospect of finding school places for our 3 kids (4, 6, and 8). We live in Bristol- where all the schools are oversubscribed as standard no matter how good/poor they are. Is the situation in Stroud similar? Or are there areas that are worse than others? I had a look into schools and I would only avoid those that 'require improvement' otherwise not really fussed. Are there people who have to take their kids miles to get to the school that they have been allocated? Or is it not as bad as Bristol? Any hints as to what areas are good to live in with kids would be appreciated. PS we are not rich but not destitute either smile

Barbeasty Sat 06-Sep-14 20:31:05

Stroud isn't too bad for school places, what year will the 6 year old be in?

Most primary schools are at least good, and even some of the good schools have places in lots of years. I'd be tempted to look at what secondary catchment you're in for the oldest, as much as primary for the youngest.

Lots of schools are small, and good village schools can have spaces just because it's a village school and there are closer good schools to other children iyswim. And I know the Catholic school tends to have spaces because it's surrounded by other good schools so you don't get the rush of people who want a good school and have to ignore dislike of religion to get that.

How do you feel about church schools?

For living with children, Stroud itself has lots going on and is nice, and lots of the villages are good too. It depends what you want- even Stroud is much "smaller" than Bristol. But I grew up in Bristol and like Stroud.

Maybe call the council about spaces for the oldest 2 and see what they say.

TheCommonWoMan Mon 08-Sep-14 12:32:56

I would agree with everything Barbeasty says especially looking into secondary schools as well as primary level.

It's a difficult 'swings and roundabouts' problem when you move house with children. When we moved her, our three were 13, 10 and 6. It was difficult finding a house somewhere in a reasonable area at the same time as finding schools with places for the boys. Which do you find first? A school that can take the DC or a house and then hope the school situation works out. We ended up finding a secondary school place for DS1 first (luckily they agreed to take him without a confirmed address - not all schools will do that), then looked at a few possible primaries and focused on finding (a rented) house in the catchment area for a couple for them. As it turned out, we ended up getting DS3 into the the local school but they didn't have room in yr6 for DS2, so we ended up driving him to a slightly further away school for a year before he joined his older brother at secondary school. That was fun.

As to areas to look - it depends on your priorities really, but with children, I'd be inclined to look ahead and find somewhere where they will be able to be independent once they get to secondary age - ie to meet their friends without relying on lifts all the time. We live on the Common, which is lovely, but buses only run every 2 hours (and not at night) and it's too far to walk to town on a regular basis. Rodborough is a nice area - close to the town, but considered a separate community and with two good school. If you don't fancy being in Stroud itself, the Woodchester valley is better served by buses and you have some nice schools. Likewise Brimscombe valley, although I think the last Ofstead for Brimscombe primary wasn't too good.

fluffybunnies246 Fri 03-Oct-14 09:51:18

Hi thanks for the replies! I took you advice and looked into all schools available and so now we've now sourced a place to rent in the woodchester valley. Looks like we might have to send kids to 2 schools initially but luckily not too far away from each other. 3 schools sounds an absolute nightmare thecommonwoman They all seem to be church schools which will probably confuse the kids as they currently are in a multicultural school. They'll be asking when the Eid/Divali parties are as well as Christmas!

TheCommonWoMan Fri 03-Oct-14 15:27:24

Glad you've found somewhere fluffy.

We also rented in the Woodchester valley. One DS was at Woodchester primary and one at Nailsworth which just about worked.

Good luck with the move.

fluffybunnies246 Sun 05-Oct-14 21:46:27

aargh thecommonwoman they are quite far apart! Looks like I might have one at St Dominics and 2 at Nailsworth which, on reflection, isn't that bad!

Thanks for the wishing of luck- we'll need it as we're not quite sure how removal vans get up those narrow steep hills hmm

Seeing as you know the area and have sons do you know of any local parks that have suitable football playing surfaces? Kids are happy kicking about on the common, but DH thinks he's going to destroy his already destroyed knee on the uneven ground. Or do you know if there are any local play parks with swings and things? The council website is not very helpful. Maybe as there is so much green stuff about swings and slides aren't seen as important as they are in the city...

TheCommonWoMan Sun 12-Oct-14 21:10:18

Sorry I hadn't spotted this earlier - you've probably found some playgrounds by now.

If not, try the King George V playing field in Nailsworth which has some flat grass for football. It's not that easy to find but if you find Park Road on a map, it's down there. They've recently installed new play equipment as well.

Stratford Park in Stroud (also the location of the local sports centre/swimming pool) is also very good for both football and playground. You could also try the play area in Rodborough along Butterrow West, (again not easy to find without a map). Rodborough also has small playgrounds on Walkley Hill and Kingscourt/Bowl Hill. Another one that ours used to like was at Dasiy Bank along Bisley Road in Stroud (walk down through the church yard) but I have a feeling that may have changed.

(And as to removal vans - they tend to use smaller ones so worth making sure your removal company are aware. There's no way a large one couldhave reached our current house.

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