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Help on School travel from Reading to Royal Grammar School

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FromReading Mon 01-Sep-14 04:47:54

My son will start Royal Grammar School shortly. We live in Lower Earley, Reading. It is 23 miles from Royal Grammar School. We had just settled in Reading and trying to avoid a house move to High Wycombe. We are exploring the school travel options.

The main goal is reduce the travel time (looking for door to door transport) and cheaper.

Public transport is not convenient. We tried private taxis, which works around £1100 per month. At this moment we have not found any other kids traveling similar routes, which would reduce the travel cost if they share.

Not sure whether any private coach or taxis (sharing) is already operating from Reading to High Wycombe.

Any ideas, please share. If you are aware of any means of transport operating, please inform.

Thanks for reading.

compleat Wed 08-Oct-14 21:32:02

Wow. That is a long journey and other than driving I really can't think of another way to get there I'm afraid.

HalsGal Tue 20-Jan-15 12:12:44

I assume your son has already started at RGS now? Did you manage to sort out the transport?

Personally I think this is an horrendous journey for an 11 yo to make to school, half of his day will be spent travelling. How is he going to do any extra curricular activities with that kind of journey to make?

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