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moving back to the UK

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rachelblanchard Sat 16-Aug-14 01:07:53

hi. This is my first time on a forum so hope it works. I have lived in NZ for 9 years and now after having 2 kids here am considering moving back. We have talked about it for a number of years actually and keep going round in circles!
The reasons for wanting to come back are family mainly. I do miss other things about England, certainly not the weather. The reason we are finding it difficult to make the decision is because NZ is definitely a better place to bring up kids. It is so safe, kids stay kids for longer, kids are well mannered, the weather is wonderful which allows you to have a great outdoors lifestyle. We live in Auckland which has everything you could want literally on your doorstep...I think it was voted 3rd best place in the world to live last year so you can imagine.
But even with all that I still miss home. I don't know if its a case of remembering life in England through rose tinted spectacles and worry that if we returned we would regret it. It is a massive decision either way.
So I guess my question is , has anyone been in the same position? have you moved back ? what was your experiences...good or bad. And also to everyone else what is life like in Leicestershire as its an area we are considering coming back to as my sister lives there and my parents are in Nottingham. What is there to do with kids (a 1 and a 3 year old) , how are schools, what good communities are there?
Thankyou so much in advance.


I was about to add this to our Leicestershire & Leicester site but see you've already done it.

Thanks for dropping by smile

Its a tricky situation. You would need to find work, housing & childcare its all ££££. but if you don't do a move you might find as parents age you end up in impossible situations.
You might want to plan an extended holiday before doing anything.

DancesinCambridgeshire Tue 09-Sep-14 06:29:07

I moved back from South Africa, I've not been sorry for one second.

I keep hoping my sister will come back from SA, but she's still loving it out there.

BilliRados Wed 18-Jan-17 05:18:05

I moved back from Spain with my 3 children 3 years ago. Still can't settle, doesn't feel right. People are not so tolerant of children here, and so much time spent living at home as opposed to outside, due to the weather I suppose. If I could afford to go home, we would all go in a heartbeat. But we are here so we try to make the situation work

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