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life in Denbighshire/bywyd yn sir dimbych

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loladance1304 Mon 11-Aug-14 23:27:32

Hello please could someone give me some advice. I'm a single parent to two daughters age 8months and 14. I may have an opportunity to move to denbigh and have connections in Ruthin. This would be a four and half hour relocation for me pending securing the right employment contract. I'm not worried about the baby but about the teen and how she would fit in. Can anyone tell me about the sense of community and the reputation of ysgol gyfun glan clwyd and bryn hyfryd. Any opinions on these schools specifically. Da ni yn siarad cymraeg. Diolch/thanks

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HelenDuke Sat 22-Nov-14 23:56:18

Just joined mumsnet and saw your August posting. Wondering how you got on and if you decided to move to Denbighshire or not. I think North Wales is a great place to bring up kids. Good luck.

KarenHW Fri 17-Jul-15 11:42:25

Hello ladies. As I've just signed up I thought I would say a quick 'Hello'. Although I am a mum, my three 'babies' are now in their early twenties (it doesn't get easier by the way ... you just worry about different things!) but I do a lot of work with mums in the area, as a maternity & sub-fertility reflexologist, a birth doula and an IAIM Baby massage instructor. It shouldn't have taken me so long to join the mumsnet family, but I'm pleased I finally have!

blondebabeuk78 Mon 20-Mar-17 17:45:50

Hi KarenHW, do you still do sub fertility reflexology? Is that a process to aid fertility?

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