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Teabaglady Sun 10-Aug-14 14:56:33

Can anyone give me the lowdown on Wantage? We are thinking of moving there, mainly for secondary school but bit worried that it is too quiet.

abdabs Sun 08-Feb-15 10:49:23

It's a lovely market town with lots on at a community level. Population is small so it has no big events, but look up the Beacon Centre for film and arts and kids stuff; GP surgeries efficient; just got a new Wildwood Restaurant; few multiples as it's small but does have Sainsburys and Waitrose;great village pubs all round. Very friendly, but older population ... Though this is true outside big cities anyway. Real drive to improve Wantage now on. Just won High St of the Year national award.

King Alfreds Academy one of only around 14% 0f schools I think to have Outstanding Ofstead. Nice kids generally, and dynamic management team who appear ambitious still for the school. Village schools considered better to Wantage one I think .... Not sure why. Ridgeway School an option or Charlton Park. Or Wantage C of E in town.

You need to visit on a Saturday and also during the week as it's got a different vibe. Quite a cheap place to live. Salaries very low as few big employers and lack of job opps. I know as I'm looking. But you can commute to Oxford or Newbury which is very close and easier to drive to.

Good luck with the decision.

abdabs Sun 08-Feb-15 10:50:02

Ah just realised I'm way too late

Teabaglady Tue 10-Feb-15 22:26:58

thanks for your comments even tho' quite late! - for various reasons we decided to look in another part of the country but we did get round to looking at KAs in Wantage and we were very impressed and it is a sweet town and well situated but just wasn't right for us.

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