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Jofels Thu 31-Jul-14 12:23:36

Hi all,
First time posting here! DH has recently been offered a job in Edinburgh and we are looking for somewhere with easy access to work for him, with lots of young families but somewhere pretty, with things to do and out of the city itself (not asking much then). DS is only 9 months so schools not an immediate issue but nursery would be. After a lot of online searching we are coming up with Dunbar & North Berwick (but property prices look a little...ouch) but not a whole lot else.

So basically, does anyone live in Dunbar / recently moved to Dunbar and if so what is it like? Good and bad? Does it feel safe and friendly? Do you prefer North Berwick or have any other suggestions? We do like the look of peebles, but lack of train might be an issue.

I'm sure this topic has been done to death, but I can't find much in the way of Dunbar specific comments.

Any local info / help would be so...so appreciated


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BabyFrasersMum Mon 11-Aug-14 19:27:43

Dunbar and North Berwick are lovely but very desirable so you won't get much property for your £. We moved to Tranent two years ago with our DS and really love it here. There has been a lot of investment in this town over the past few years and more to come especially for little ones with extensions to schools, and a 30k soft play facility to name but a few. It's also a lot closer to Edinburgh than Dunbar and North Berwick about a 25 minute commute by car and is serviced by a good bus service. You can also drive 5 minutes down the road to either Preston Pans or Wallyford and catch the train into town which takes ten minutes. Tranent is a great community, I stay 5 minutes from Windygoul Primary and it's such a lovely area and we have made lots of friends since we moved here. It's full of professionals with young families and well maintained play parks for little ones. Tranent is really up and coming and whilst it is not next to the beach you are only 15 minutes down the road from Longniddry. One of my Besties grew up there and moved back from Edinburgh to raise her family there she loves it and can walk from her house onto a lovely clean beach in 5 mins. So have a wee look at Longniddry too, which is also serviced by a train station!!

Jofels Tue 12-Aug-14 09:34:17

Thanks very much! That's really helpful info...Tranent sounds lovely...and DS is a huge fan of soft play! Just had a quick look and there are lots of lovely houses too. We do love the sea but it's not exactly far away from there and the fact it is that much closer would help with the commute.

Thanks again, we'll definately look into Tranent now.

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BabyFrasersMum Wed 13-Aug-14 06:51:14

You are welcome. It's worth checking out this too which is pretty much a warts and all summary of people's view on this town. It also summarises the planned investment over the next 5 years. www.eastlothian.gov.uk/download/meetings/id/15496/tranent_and_elphinstone_community_action_plan_2014-19

Feel free to ask me any questions about the warty bits ha ha!! I have never had an issue with any of those mentioned although I do agree the high street is in need of a makeover!!

There is also great community education here and fabulous free support for Parents. after raising my DS in Edinburgh City for his 1st year I feel much much more supported with parenthood in East Lothian. Lots of free classes that I paid for in Edinburgh including baby massage and baby sensory style classes if you are planning anymore smile) check out Tranent Support from the start on Facebook to get a wee flavour of this.

Tranent Fraser Centre is a great project that often has art/kiddies cinema/dance/community cinema and has received lots of funding to get it fully up and running too ..worth checking them on FB too to get a flavour of our community smile

When we made the move from Edinburgh we considered Fife and West Lothian too, but so happy we settled here. The beaches and green spaces that surround us are incredible and really baby/toddler friendly. It's a great part of the world for raising family. Windygoul my area is just 5 mins down the road from New Winton House. www.wintonhouse.co.uk/walksaccess.php

And 20 minutes from Gosford Estate which is some of our favourite spots to walk.....the website does not give their grounds justice!!


We are also just 15 mins away from a large retail and leisure park with free parking called the Fort with all your usual suspects...boots, M&S, Mothercare, Argos etc etc so that's a bonus too smile We have a big Co-op here but in a few years that is to become an Asda and next year we are also getting an Aldi. There is also a massive Tesco in Neighbouring Musselburgh.

We also neighbour with the villages of Ormiston/Elphinstone and Pencaitland which have lots of lovely activities for little ones and worth looking at if a village life appeals smile

Happy House Hunting!

Jofels Thu 14-Aug-14 09:27:34

Thanks so much, this is all super helpful and has saved me many days of google-ing! It's so helpful to hear from someone in the area, it does look as if it has everything we are looking for!

We are hoping to visit some time in the next couple of weeks so will be having a look - was already excited but now I really can't wait!!!

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Bermbelle Thu 03-Sep-15 09:44:47

I'd also consider Prestonpans. We live here , it's pretty much the same as Tranent in terms Of facilities, but is by the sea and has the train station. We moved from a beautiful part of Edinburgh but we have not been dissapointed, our children are in a great Faith school and our estate is full of professionals with young families. Lots of money is being used to regenerate both Prestonpans and Tranenr as they are historically coal mining areas.

oscarisfat Sun 16-Apr-17 21:47:45

Hello, just read your thread - I know it's a few years old but wanted to know if you made the move? We are currently looking to move to East Lothian so would be great to hear how you got on! smile

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