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Childminder recommendation near Chase Side?

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EmilyB78 Wed 30-Jul-14 11:16:08

We are about to move to EN2 (Chase Side area), and the completion date seems to be happening sooner than originally anticipated. All good, except I'm left with a childcare issue that must be dealt with rather quickly! I am looking for a childminder (all the nurseries seem full) for my 2+ year old daughter, starting in October. I would prefer a nursery, as in the past we have been able to find a childminder based on a friend's recommendation, but seeing that a nursery spot doesn't seem viable at such short notice, and I don't know anyone in the area, I'm turning to mumsnet for some recommendations. My husband and I work quite far away, so location is important (we don't want to have to travel 30 mins out of the way to get to daycare)...any recs out there?
Thanks in advance

girloutofglasgow Fri 12-Sep-14 02:02:56

It's probably a bit after the event and you might well have someone by now but we had a wonderful childminder who lived in Monastery Gardens. PM me if you are still looking!

ENChaseMum Mon 29-Sep-14 12:50:31

Looking for a childminder around Enfield Chase, to look after our son 3days a week. I'm due back to work in January 2015 and he will be 1year old then but need to also complete my 10 "back to work" days in October/November, which would be ideal for our son to get use to the CM environment.

As my husband has a flexible working hours, he would be looking after our son 2days a week, so need someone for the other 3 (with possibility of few odd extra days).
Thank you

anouchka19 Tue 07-Oct-14 21:25:57

hi, I am also looking for achildminder in this area for my 10 month old, 2/3 days a week. Any recommendation let me know.

EnfieldChildminders Mon 19-Dec-16 22:12:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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