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Any thoughts on the fountains at Kings Cross?

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goldenbell Thu 10-Jul-14 10:45:18

Has anyone been down to Granary Square yet? It looks good on the website and I'm sure the kids will love playing in the fountains. However website images can be deceiving. Is it as fun as it looks or is is just hoards of crowds, screaming kids and expensive food??

mitamay Mon 14-Jul-14 12:24:58

I haven't been yet, but friends with kids spent an afternoon there and they said they had a great time.

nicnacks31 Tue 15-Jul-14 10:37:39

Granary Square is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in town. We've been a couple of times and the kids love it there. Worth taking snacks with you though, unless you fancy splashing the cash.

londonmum37 Mon 26-Jan-15 14:34:54

I went there a couple of weeks ago, and they have a great installation in Granary Sq called Winter Sun. It's such a great part of town now, well worth a visit.

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