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Moving to Rodborough

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Molly2001 Sat 28-Jun-14 00:07:57

Hi All

New to this network and am looking for some opinions please.

We are planning on moving to Rodborough from Bristol and our daughter will likely be attending Archway School so would be grateful for any thoughts or opinions on both please?


TheCommonWoMan Mon 30-Jun-14 15:09:47

Well I can highly recommend Rodborough - I know it very well.

It's a perfect location, especially for a teen who wants that bit of independence to be able to get to town by themselves. Although it doesn't have a physical 'heart' in that there is no 'village' centre, it does have a fair bit of community spirit - last Saturday saw the Rodborough Community Fete which brought together all the schools, churches and other community groups. There's housing to suit all pockets and plenty going on in Stroud. You will find it a bit quiet after Bristol though.

None of my children went to Archway, but I think it does have quite a good reputation these days.

If you have any more specific questions. I'm happy to answer them, either on here or via a personal message.

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