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Can anybody give me some advise please,

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Andrea333 Thu 19-Jun-14 22:04:58

Can anybody give me any advise on how I can get my grandchildren back after the father who has parental responsibility, took the three grandsons to his home and accused my daughter, my husband the grandad, and myself the grandma, to being aggressive with them all, and getting a court report, stating things which are totally untrue etc. all lies. We are what we would call good parents and grandparents to them. Our solicitor is just asking for money upfront, now £500, just to go through the motions with paperwork, and no passion or strength to get our boys back. Please anybody any further advise as we have no money left to carry on.
Thank you

shrimponastick Thu 19-Jun-14 22:11:05

Have you contacted Social Services? Or try the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Be aware that you, as grandparents, don't have rights to see the grandchildren. It is between your daughter and the father of the children.

shrimponastick Thu 19-Jun-14 22:15:11

Phone Gateway to Care on 01484 414933

They are the first point of contact within the Children and Families department.

Andrea333 Fri 20-Jun-14 02:56:55

Hi shrimp
I understand it is between the mother and father, we have got a solicitor working on our behalf, the prob is she is more interested in money than any passion in getting the kids returned. She has taken £500 off of us already, all she has done is checked court papers n said in our next hearing on wed next week, she will try to get weekend visitation better!
She is rubbish, but we have run out of money, this is y I am just looking at pointers for further action, we have not done anything wrong to the children at all, but while it is supposed to be sorted, we feel our daughter is losing the children on a sudden put down on how the kids r looked after.
We just feel we r not listened to and the kids r all over in their heads.
Sorry to carry on, but just stuck.

Andrea333 Fri 20-Jun-14 02:59:02

Hi shrimp
I will look into gateway to care, thank you very much

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