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A serious accident on our street became a huge lesson for my kids

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MrsNewham Mon 16-Jun-14 12:52:29

Yesterday a pedestrian was hit by a car/motorbike and my kids saw him lying on the street, police and ambulance coming. The road was closed and we saw people gathering from all around. Fortunately that men wasn't injured that bad, as he could walk slowly to the ambulance van.

My children who pretend to be little Schumachers ride their shooters too fast when we go to the school and a couple of times my little one barely could stop on the edge of the road. It was scary as a van stopped right next to his face.

We explain them traffic rules very often and ask them to slow down at all times. Apart of that they have books from Traffic club with all the instructions. However they keep forgetting/ignoring everything and enjoy their ride.

They watched everything what was going on for couple of hours and discussed the danger together. Initially we thought the man was dead as he was covered with white blanket till his neck. My kids said, so one can even die in this kind of accident. We need to be more careful from now on...

I was wondering how do you teach your children the traffic rules, so that they get the message and follow them?

marmitericecakes Thu 19-Jun-14 16:22:17

My DS is 2.5 and I've been trying to teach him road safety for months. He's still completely oblivious to the dangers. I remember Stop, Look, Listen campaign from my childhood and it looks like it's still running:

CanaryClara Thu 19-Jun-14 23:06:47

I think it's much easier with girls on the road than boys. I'd use very simple instructions like * marmitericecakes* mentioned, so that they can easily remember and put into practice each time when they are out.
I remember when I was 5 wheels of my uncles motorbike almost smashed my toes and I realised how painful it can be. Perhaps that was a big lesson for me to stay away from moving vehicles.

MrsNewham Thu 19-Jun-14 23:29:10

marmitericecakes, thanks for the link. I'll show it to my kids later on.
By the way, since when Traffic club has been charging for the membership?

MrsNewham Thu 19-Jun-14 23:33:24

Stop, look, listen and think. We even made a short song for these instructions wink

MerryMarigold Thu 26-Jun-14 15:13:09

I have 2 boys and a girl. They knew from very young that they were not allowed to cross the road without me. Once my twins ran away from my friend's house while she was taking care of them (they let themselves out). They were 2.5. They went quite far, about a 10 minute walk (before they were stopped by a police woman, thank goodness), but they managed not to cross any roads! I was so pleased I had instilled in them never ever to cross without me. I have done this with 3 very different children so I don't think it's about sex or personality at all, unless your child has SN.

MrsNewham Thu 26-Jun-14 16:42:10

OMG, that's awesome. You are lucky that they started listening to you so early. I believe you never ever left your twins with your friend any more, as she must have got terrified more than you did.

amal9 Fri 27-Jun-14 13:48:35

My DS just got given a massive pack including 3 computer discs,stickers,colouring books and certificates from the children's traffic club,from his nursery school. I was very impressed with this valuable educational information!! Enquire at your children's school to see if they can get hold of this as it must be free for them. My DS goes to Roman Road Nursery School if you want to contact them for any info .

MrsNewham Mon 30-Jun-14 16:22:39

WAW, super! Yes, I'll get in touch with my child's school as well after contacting your son's.
They must have asked you £10 for the registration, right?

amal9 Wed 02-Jul-14 12:23:30

Hi MrsNewham, no its all free, when you insert the discs you can play all the contents either on the computer or a dvd player. They have stories and songs and printable fun sheets. I will try and send a picture of it all. Hope you get somewhere with this!

amal9 Wed 02-Jul-14 12:33:08

Hi, i hope you can view this

amal9 Wed 02-Jul-14 12:42:45

Hi, and a few weeks after receiving the pack, my DS got given a questionare to fill in about the packs. Its a really good pack!

MrsNewham Mon 22-Sep-14 14:35:08

Hi Amal9, sorry I saw your reply just now. I can imagine the big smile on your child's face when he received his goody bag.

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