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New to the area & girls in seperate schools :( ?????

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EmmaField Wed 11-Jun-14 16:18:50

Hi All,

We've recently moved to the South Woodford are just off of Woodford Road & have two dd Jessica Aug 2005 / age 8 / year 4 & Rebecca Oct 2006 / age 7 / year 2.

I've just heard today that Rebecca has been accepted into Snaresbrook Primary School which was our No 1 choice & Jessica has been accepted in Oakdale Junior School which was our 3rd choice. Jessica is still on the waiting list for Snaresbrook but Rebecca was removed from Oakdale because she was given her first preference. I've requested for Rebecca to go back on Oakdale's waiting list so there is a higher chance of them being placed at the same school.

Obviously it's not ideal being in separate schools as the school drop off & pick up is going to be a nightmare getting them both on time & we only have 1 car. I understand the schools take into consideration the different pickups so they can alternate the times.

I just wondered if anyone had had a similar circumstance & if there is any advice of the best way to push for them to be in the same school or if anyone has a non stressful solution?

I have found the whole admission process very frustrating & quite dismissive to be honest as I was first told by the admissions team at Redbridge that I couldn't apply until we had moved into the area & then someone told me I could so I did apply the week before we moved but then was refused because we didn't have bills to verify our new address. I have sent them all the documentation as we are getting it, we only moved in on the 2nd June (last Monday) & I have been trying to ring but it's constantly engaged or no one available to answer. When I do speak to someone, they don't give any information on where we stand other than they are on the waiting lists & we will receive a letter, one woman even said to me that she can't make a child leave a school! Well, I received Jessica's letter for Oakdale in the post this morning but Rebecca's letter is still with the allocations officer to be delivered by hand since the 5th June. I phoned them on the 5th & luckily got through but wasn't told anything.

I know we're very lucky to have received a place in the schools quite quickly as I know the demand is quite high for Redbridge. I think as a country we are very lucky to have an education system so I don't like to bad mouth what we should be grateful for but we actually moved because my mother-in-law moved away so I didn't have anyone to have the girls when I was at work so instead of my work accepting my resignation, they offered me a fantastic job offer to work whilst the girls are at school 9:30 to 14:30 so I don't have worry about childcare & clubs. I haven't been able to start my job which was meant to be on the 4th June because the girls haven't been at school & I've no one to have them & with no money coming in until they start school, I can't afford out of school clubs. My work has been very understanding & has moved my start date twice now but I can see they're losing patience so that's why I need to accept the girls into the two separate school to go to work but I just hope they are not kept separate for too long of even permanently :/

If anyone could shed any information or advice, I would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Em x

LocalEditorRedbridge Thu 12-Jun-14 00:21:21

Thanks for your post, Em. I'll send out the scouts to see if anyone can help you. Best of luck. . . sounds like a real quandary.

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