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Kirkcaldy Meet-up

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singingchipie Tue 10-Jun-14 13:59:29

Hi Mumsnetters
I hope that you are all keeping busy and making the most of the sunny days when we get them. I am the local ambassador for the Kirkcaldy area and am arranging a couple of meet-ups over the summer season to try to get the meet-ups started again. There is a free bookbugs session on at Kirkcaldy Galleries for babies and toddlers up to 4 years old which would be a great place to start as it is a really nice class and is also connected to the library and a great wee cafe! The classes are on Friday 18 July and Friday 15 August, both at 10am. The class usually lasts around 45 minutes so we could meet there and then head through to the cafe for a coffee afterwards or if you prefer, just meet for the coffee! I hope you can make it and meet other mums in your area. I look forward to seeing you then smile

p.s. The details will be posted in the meetup section for Kirkcaldy and Fife-wide.

singingchipie Wed 16-Jul-14 15:29:21

Just a reminder that there will be a mumsnet meet-up this Friday at 10am at the Bookbugs session at Kirkcaldy Galleries. If anyone thinks that they can come, please let me know. Thanks smile

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