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Are there any Childrens' activity groups running over the weekend?

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RanjiniN Mon 09-Jun-14 13:13:50

Hi all,

I used to enjoy the Storytime/music and other groups with my DD during my ML. Now I am a fulltime working mother, and dont get to attend these during weekdays. Are there any such groups running over the weekends? I would love to register and join them with my 15 month old daughter.

LocalEditorRedbridge Thu 12-Jun-14 00:24:21

Hi RanjiniN, I haven't seen this specifically on the weekend, though a few local businesses run workshops and things for families on the weekend. If you can, follow our Facebook page or Twitter as I tend to send events out on those channels as I get them. A few school fetes this weekend, but probably not what you're looking for.

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