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making new friends

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meluk111 Sun 08-Jun-14 21:46:46

Hi. I'm a mom from telford who is looking to make new friends. Have 2 boys 4 and 10. Any other moms feeling a bit lost?

NottherealJoanJett Mon 09-Jun-14 20:43:04

Hi Meluk, are you new to the area? I am in Newport. I have 4, 3 lads and a daughter

meluk111 Tue 10-Jun-14 22:11:03

Hi. No not new, just feel like I have isolated myself a little since having my boys. Blimey 4 children! I struggle with 2! How old are they?

NottherealJoanJett Wed 11-Jun-14 00:44:53

15, twins aged almost 9 and 7. its easy to get lost in parent hood monotony and then wake up all alone! I am lucky, I had friends who stuck with me even when I turned a bit hermit!

zoek55 Sun 12-Apr-15 22:59:01

22 yrs Mum to be in ellesmere looking to meet up with new mums or other mums to be smile

Lydie1090 Mon 20-Apr-15 23:30:40

Hi Zoek55 I am 24 and living in Myddle, so not far from Ellesmere. My little girl is nearly 16 weeks old and it would be nice to meet other young mums locally. ��

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