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Whitley Bay schools

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londonred Fri 06-Jun-14 09:49:00

Hi there, I'm not a mum but a dad, but please don't hold that against me smile

Myself, wife and two kids (just 3 and 5) are on the brink of moving to Whitley Bay, and would love to hear some first hand feedback on the schools up there. Our eldest currently attends a Catholic school down here, and we would potentially apply for Star of the Sea.

But it's surrounded by a gaggle of outstanding first schools and any opinions on the following would be really gratefully received...

Coquet Park
Marine Park

Many thanks in advance,


LocalEditorTyneside Sat 07-Jun-14 14:22:20

Hi David,

I don't know the Whitley Bay schools too well, but I will see if I can drum up some feedback for you on our facebook and twitter. Are you able to go and visit some of these schools?

car1sberg Wed 18-Jun-14 22:06:20

Hi David,

I have lived in/near to whitley bay all of my life.

Marine Park is a lovely school, quite big & busy though. Right on the seafront and next to a lovely park, definitely a good choice.

Coquet Park is much the same, although I've heard mixed reviews from parents, some find it a bit too busy & manic?

Southridge is another lovely school, much smaller, and in a lovely housing estate.

All the above feed into whitley high school which is excellent!


CamMumma Fri 20-Jun-14 22:35:05

Hi David,

We moved to WB last summer from Cambridge.

We live in the catchment for Marine Park and my eldest will be going to nursery there in September (3 very soon), and then fingers crossed to the main part of the school. We had a brief look round this week on the open evening and it looked really good, we are very happy to be sending him there. Ive met people with older children there already, they dont have a bad word to say about the school.

I cant really help on the other schools Im afraid.

Good luck with the move!

ACT2CAM Sun 21-Sep-14 21:13:19

Hi David,

I'm a dad too, we can't all be perfetc eh smile

I am a teacher myself.

Our 2 went to Rockcliffe 1st school, I cannot fault it.

You couldn't go wrong in any of the schools round here

Best of luck with the move



ACT2CAM Sun 21-Sep-14 21:14:44


I think I accidentally invented a new word smile

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