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Dogsleepsonmybed Fri 06-Jun-14 08:17:43

Hi there!
We are a family of four thinking of moving to Portsmouth next year... Would love any advice on areas, good for kids. We have two boys under ten.
We also have a dog so would need to be near a park or beach.
Ideally we like the old terraced house with a garden.
Thanks in advance!

TudorMaryRose Sat 07-Jun-14 22:48:28

Depends really on whether either of you need to commute out of Portsmouth. Cosham, Drayton and Farlington are on the outskirts and good for getting straight on the A27 or A3. Southsea has a lot to do and is next to the beach, but pricey. If you like terraced housing you're in the right place! Most of the housing is terraced in Pompey. The further out from the city centre you get the bigger the plots and you're more likely to be able to park. Parking is a major issue most places on Portsea island. Personally I like the outskirts best - best of both worlds. No idea on schools, mine aren't old enough yet.

Re parks, there are over 50 in Portsmouth, two free splash pools, Farlington Marshes, and Hilsea Lines plus Southsea Common. You won't be far from a park anywhere you go.

Dogsleepsonmybed Sun 08-Jun-14 00:21:36

Thanks for your advice so much to think about! You've been really helpful x

dreamingofblueskies Wed 18-Jun-14 13:10:02

It depends on what kind of area you're looking for. Hilsea, Cosham, Copnor and North End are the 'middly' priced areas and are nice with good amenities and schools, my 3 go to good schools in Hilsea but I think the majority of schools are good here. Drayton & Farlington are expensive but lovely, Paulsgrove is cheaper and has a 'council estate' vibe - not saying that's a bad thing!
TudorMaryRose is right, there are plenty of places for you to walk your dog and for your boys to play, lots of great playgrounds around the city. And yes, the parking is terrible, polish up your parallel parking!

Shitelinkruinslives Sun 17-Aug-14 12:52:10

I would say that education is the most difficult aspect of Pompey. In particular there are difficulties at secondary. Some schools have decent Ofsted rating but are schools most want to avoid, Charter and King Richard's spring to mind, others are deteriorating. However there are a few that provide an excellent education so you need to do research beyond the obvious. A good rating in Portsmouth is variable!

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