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Hello from your new local editor!

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LocalEditorArgyll Thu 05-Jun-14 13:01:34


I am your new local editor and wanted to introduce myself. It's time Argyll had an online community where we can get together and chat or look for support as well as a central point to find out about events and activities that doesn't involve purely word of mouth and flyers in the coop. The Argyll & Bute site is almost empty but I will be developing it over the coming weeks and months to include a lot more information and hopefully encourage some activity.

I will be adding to the rather non existent listings, but it would be really helpful to have input from the Mumsnet community, so if you know of anything going on in your local area, then please add it to the listings so we can share as much information as possible.

To keep updated with local news like us on our new facebook page and follow us on Twitter @MNetArgyllBute.

Please drop by and say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Doonthewatter Thu 05-Jun-14 13:13:37

Hi there smile

DocMcStuffinsBigBookOfOuches Mon 30-Jun-14 00:07:57

Waving hello and running off to feed the babby!

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