Possibly moving to Penryn/Falmouth and could really do with some advice on primary schools.

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Mumcanknit Thu 29-May-14 08:07:18

Hi ladies,
My husband has been offered a job in Penryn (and we are seriously considering it) but we currently live in Suffolk, so it's hard to just pop down and see the local area. He has been to Falmouth before and assures me that I'll love it, but my main concern is the local schools. My son is due to start in September and I have a daughter who will also need to attended in a few years. At the moment, we are going purely off the ofsted reports and it looks like Penryn and Mabe Primary may be the best? There is an outstanding primary in Falmouth, but also 2(?) not so good and so we are thinking it would be safer to live in Penryn or Mabe?

Any advice on these local schools would be really appreciated as I know you shouldn't always go off the ofsted report (and we are going to visit the schools at some point) but local mums always have a better idea of what's really going on.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Michelle x

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thekitchenfairy Fri 30-May-14 07:41:58

Hi, you have lots of choice around and a couple of the village schools are really good if you are just outside Penryn. I don't think Falmouth is so good for secondary schools as Truro,but Penryn is good and Pool Academy outstanding. (Believe me it will come round very quickly!)

What are the schools you are looking at? Personally I would say no to Mabe.

Do you want village living or small town living? Truro is fab place to live with a young family but it is busy (and more expensive) and may not be for you. Brilliant villages between Truro and Penryn... Perran ar Worthal, perranwell, Stithians (larger) and some of the mot beautiful spots in the county... Restrongruet creek, Trellisick, round wood quay, loe beach...

How exciting for you! I moved 8 yrs ago and seriously... No better place to bring up kids.

Anything else you want to know? <has extensive local knowledge>

BadRoly Mon 02-Jun-14 12:39:44

Hi, I'm in Falmouth and all of my dc have been to Falmouth Primary and 3 are there now.

It has a poor reputation in the town historically (was called Beacon School) but my experience is very positive and I have no reservation recommending it as a school. My children are all thriving there and have had all sorts of experiences that I don't think they would have had at some of the other schools.

It was Ofsteded last year (requires improvement) but if you read the report it is actually quite positive regarding the nurturing side of things! The school struggles a little academically as again, traditionally, it is in the dodgiest 'catchment' in the town but Falmouth does not have catchment areas so it actually has a real cross section of children/families.

I'm very happy for you to PM me if you want to know anything smile

Mumcanknit Mon 02-Jun-14 17:47:18

Thanks ladies - this is a real help! I called Penryn primary and they have space, so we know he should be able to get in there. We were thinking of living in Falmouth, so that we were close to the beach. Didn't want to go to far from Penryn as we currently have an hour commute and part of the move is to have as small of a commute as possible. Any other beach village/towns not too far from Penryn and with a train station?

We have been recommended Turo - as there's always stuff going on, but we'd rather be as close to the coast as we can, as that's part of the perk of moving to Cornwall!

Any other advice most welcome!

Thanks again,

Michelle x

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BadRoly Mon 02-Jun-14 21:13:29

I love Falmouth - we've been here 4 years now. It has more going on than Penryn and Truro and is 5mins on the train or in the car and an easy walk depending where in Falmouth you live/Penryn you work.

There is no real beach alternative if you want to be on the train line. Perranwell has a station but is further from the coast than Penryn!!

We walked down to Gylly beach on Saturday (along with most of Falmouth). This is where I live!

BadRoly Mon 02-Jun-14 21:14:34

Not in the castle obviously, I just meant that this is less than half an hours walk from my house!

thekitchenfairy Mon 02-Jun-14 21:27:34

<Waves to BadRoly> <and to <Mumcanknit>

Ah.... The age old Truro v Falmouth debate lives on grin. We need to carry on this discussion over a meet up with wine

Even if you were in Truro or Porthtowan on the north coast you would not have a big commute, but is being on a train line essential?

FWIW in Truro you are not a walk from the beach but have good access to secret and quieter beaches and yes, there is lots going on here and lots organised for kids of all ages but we do not have the arty-student vibe tht Falmouth has. Train links are good and as well as a choice of primary there are 2 good secondary schools and the county's 6th form college is here.

I really cannot say enough that you need to visit and spend a bit of time in each place... You may well love one but fall in love for the other... Same for the villages, it really is a personal thing and you need to walk through them for yourself iyswim. Schools in Truro can be oversubscribed but they are generally good schools. Don't jut believe an Ofsted report...

What doyounlike to do in your free time? Again lots of choice locally but that might play a part in your decision...

thekitchenfairy Mon 02-Jun-14 21:28:53

This is one of my happy places... Sunny Corner, Truro

thekitchenfairy Mon 02-Jun-14 21:30:13

Very gutted we missed the Red Arrows badroly ... DS2 picked wrong weekend to be poorly!

BadRoly Mon 02-Jun-14 22:01:01

Would you feel better if I lied told you it was rubbish? wink?

And did I see you mention wine? Yes indeed to that but where? Will it have to be neutral ground or should we do 2 nights to compare and contrast?!

Mumcanknit Tue 03-Jun-14 07:31:52

hello BadRoly and thekitchenfairy - I am very lucky that you two lovey ladies replied! We need to come down soon to view houses and look around the local schools. I think we'll end up living Falmouth or Penryn as we only have one car and would rather not get another. We need to be close to the train line as my husband will be traveling to London often and I won't let him take the car (well unless he has to!) Meeting up sounds great - i'll let you know when we are coming down. Have popped a photo of my kids on here at our last day at the beach. They loved it! Talk soon, Michelle x

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thekitchenfairy Tue 03-Jun-14 20:13:51

This Local site is getting busier, I am the Ed and am loving building this community so please let me know what you do and don't find useful.

Between us we make 70% of MumsnetCornwall MumcanKnit Roly! and I are all too busy at the beach along with most of the other local mums!

Sounds like Falmouth is the place for you, tho DH will have to make a connection at Truro to get to London. And it takes ages but good time to catch up on work. Great beach pic too!

Roly I think we need a night in each... in the name of balanced research and all that!

Mumcanknit Mon 09-Jun-14 18:31:19

We finally signed up with an estate agents today! They are taking photos tomorrow, then we'll be officially for sale! It's all very exciting! Now to come down and house hunt! ��

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BadRoly Mon 09-Jun-14 22:04:08

Exciting!! Hopefully we'll see you soon!

thekitchenfairy Mon 16-Jun-14 05:46:41

That's moving quickly, really exciting grin

Let us know how you are getting on with the house hunting and schools etc.

I am hearing some really really good things about Perranwell school, new head in place and a lovely place to learn.

Mumcanknit Mon 23-Jun-14 12:50:50

Hi Ladies,

We made a flying visit this weekend to look at some properties in the area. Not quite what we were expecting! Our budget didn't stretch very far but there are two that we are interested in. They are both project houses but one is much bigger than the other. The smaller house is in Swanvale in Falmouth, so we could walk to the beach. But the larger property is a character cottage in Penryn. Our son would most likely go to Penryn infants school as all the schools in Falmouth are full and my husband will be working in Penryn, so we are leaning more towards the cottage. Do you know of anyone who lives in Penryn? It seemed very sleepy and a lot of the shops were shut on a Saturday! But it's very close to Falmouth, so we would probably end up traveling in of a weekend. We still need to sell our house yet, so it's all still a bit up in the air. I hope you've been enjoying the amazing weather - it was so beautiful down there in the sun! M xx

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BadRoly Wed 25-Jun-14 22:21:35

I only have one friend in Penryn (that I can think of) and they are looking to move back to Falmouth! Not because they dislike Penryn especially, but because their dc are at school in Falmouth.

I can't say that I go to Penryn - Asda at the top and Baileys at the bottom (and my friend's). That said I walked from Penryn Junior school to home and had a cuppa at a lovely lite bar on the high street!

thekitchenfairy Thu 26-Jun-14 19:47:58

I have several friends in Penryn and it is to as sleepy as it looks at first glance! It is handy for Falmouth, the beaches and Miss Peapods and Baileys are brilliant local places.

Have you looked out toward Stithians or Penmere in Falmouth? You might get more for your money there.

Mumcanknit Thu 03-Jul-14 17:23:29

Thanks thekitchenfairy we'll widen our search a bit. Are still waiting for our house to shift though, so may be a little while before we are down house hunting again sad

BadRoly - we are worried that if we live in Penryn we may end up wishing we'd settled for less but in Falmouth, as there's a lot more going on there.

Come on house! Get sold so we can properly house hunt! ��

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thekitchenfairy Mon 07-Jul-14 21:24:21

Have you thought about renting in either place? Definitely do some more reccy weekends if you possibly can... But if your heart says falmouth then go for it. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

Good luck with the house sale... Maybe put a link to the local site where you live... Post it back here and I will ask the local ed there to tweet it with me.

mamaofgreg Tue 08-Jul-14 14:00:22

Hi, we moved to Falmouth in September 2013 following my partners job and opted for King Charles Primary School without a visit first due to relocation from the Isle of Wight and other commitments. They accommodated us with a quick visit on the day before term which was great and to meet the new teacher too. Then at the end of the first week a letter home saying they'd gone into special measures. Obviously not being local we missed out on all the play ground talk but to be honest that's not my style, but that aside, if he'd already been attending we wouldn't have moved him. The new head is fantastic, she really is leading the team and I have seen a huge change in this academic year alone. We spent a while looking at some lovely and not so lovely renters and were lucky to find a good location, like most places in Falmouth we are not to far from beach or train, town or Truro! It really would be worth your while coming for a look around before if you can. I'd highly recommend Falmouth, just need to sell your house - good luck with that.

charimito Tue 08-Jul-14 20:15:50

I just moved to Penryn from Bucks... my town was so boring we called it Lamesbury and even though Penryn is sleepy it feels nicer than Falmouth (I really can't say why!) - I work 9 -5 so I actually just go out over the weekends / odd school-day but I really think Penryn is a lovely place to live , plus the Infant School looks very nice!

thekitchenfairy Wed 09-Jul-14 06:36:09

Hellooo Charimoto... I've just seen your LA thread answer and realised why I thought I recognised your name!

Well done you on the move, that has all happened quite quickly.

Please have a poke around Local, it would be great to have your feedback if it works for someone new to the area.

Glad you like Penryn, it is a lovely spot and easy for Falmouth beaches and the bustle of Truro. Have lots of local tips for you, but don't know where to start grin

BadRoly Wed 09-Jul-14 09:50:38

I think you've hit the nail on the head charimoto - you can't say why you prefer Penryn because often these things are just a gut feeling. I think it's the same with schools - a visit and 'listening' to your instincts is more useful than reading an Ofsted report or even getting other peoples opinions/experiences.

Everyone's different and wants different things, so just because I like Falmouth, it doesn't mean everyone will (my Mum doesn't for example).

Mumcanknit Thu 28-Aug-14 13:13:43

Hi everyone,
We finally sold our place and bought a sensible family home in Penryn. We missed out on the cottage we wanted by 4 days sad but the place we have bought is still lovely (and still needs lots of decorative work! shock) just no period features. We went with Penryn as Theo was offered a place at the infant school and my husband will be able to walk to work (and I can walk T to school and O to nursery.) considering my Hubby currently as an hour and 30 mins commute, this will make a world of difference! We are hoping to move in October half term, so will organise a meet up once I am down (if you'd like to meet up in person?) you could come over to the house and laugh at the artex we are going to be scraping off for the next 10 years! shock Hope everyone is well and enjoying the end of the summer hols x

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