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Potential relocation, scanning 3 counties!

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thegirlwhouk Tue 27-May-14 12:10:42

We currently live in Surrey and enjoy a fairly cosmopolitan lifestyle. However my DH has a job interview in Gloucester next week and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with 1st baby! If he gets the job we'll be looking to move to the area. It's where he is originally from, his parents live just on the edge of the Forest of Dean. Mine live further north in south Birmingham. Will be nice to live closer to family than we currently do. We think we have narrowed it down to at least looking at North Gloucs, East Hereford and South Worcestershire...

So if this was your list of requirements, where would YOU choose to move to? I want some local views to make sure we don't miss any hidden gems!

- Driveable to both parents houses within 1hr 30.
- House prices that will allows a 3/4 bed house for a max of £350k
- A nice community feel. I like the suburbs here, would be happy in a smaller place but still want good local amenities within a 15 minute drive. Walkable would be a huge bonus!
- As I'll be a SAHM with my first baby for at least a year or so I want to be able to make lots of friends, so I don't feel too isolated.
- Decent schools (though we may choose to go private).
- Close enough to the M5 to allow for a commute to Bristol if necessary.

Cernabbas Tue 27-May-14 21:19:34

I live in Abbeymead, Glos which is lovely. Parts of Cheltenham are really lovely and Cheltenham town centre is nicer than Gloucester. Maybe look at Leckhampton or Up Hatherley. PM if you want.

thegirlwhouk Wed 28-May-14 13:20:48

We know Cheltenham well and Leckhampton would be absolutely ideal if only it were a bit cheaper! We haven't ruled it out but one of the reasons we want to move is we would like a bit more space, inside a out. A small 3 bed terrace just isn't enough to tempt me.

Up Hatherley seemed better value - is it nice? It didn't have the same community feel as Leckhampton.

We'd rather not live in / just outside of Gloucester if we can help it which rules out Abbeymeade.

Personally I dislike new builds and new build 'estates' but looking round I think I might have to get over this pretty sharpish!

Cernabbas Thu 29-May-14 09:54:03

Up Hatherley is really nice. There is local library and community centre there. But very close to a lot of new housing being built, so area could change.

Lainybug23 Mon 21-Jul-14 18:01:53

Hi there,

We're in Bishops Cleeve and really like it. It's smallish, but has lots of local shops, and Cheltenham is less than 10 minutes away. Houses should be in your price range. It has a library with baby groups too and a couple of mums in the area (I have just started getting out and meeting a few!)

Hope this helps!

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