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help needed please

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twohoots59 Thu 22-May-14 19:06:31

I am new here new this is my 1st post.
I work with special needs kids of all ages as a passenger assistant for the council.
last summer I was suspended . it was over a child who undresses himself he has downs and was 9 the time. I work alone and have never been happy in pulling up pants and trousers. also I had another 9 special needs pupils on the bus at the time .I know teachers etc cant
dress the pupils etc. There nothing in the guidelines too about this fo my job so didnt do anything wrong.
whats your views on this. I feel like I am dammed if i do or don't.
Hope some one can help me with this. thanks in advance.

worldofmums Sun 01-Jun-14 07:48:55

I think all cases have to be looked at individual but I think there's a lot of rules that are in place that prevent people from doing there job properly. Also I feel that people whom escort special needs children should be more qualified in looking after disabled children and low wages will always prevent this from happening. I think it's a shame that disabled children are undervalued in this way but in my opinion all children are undervalued you only have to look at the justice system in this country to see that.
As for your case it's hard to comment on from what you put but I think you said it really your self you felt uncomfortable doing it, maybe you should have said some thing early and it is wrong for the council to leave you looking after and 9 children on your own! I would think that a 1 adult to 9 children ratio is far to high, not sure if that would even be legal?

twohoots59 Sun 01-Jun-14 13:03:18

Thanks for your reply world of mums.
I have had training but was when I 1st started 2 day course. We have had course on how to deal with kids in the classroom who misbehave but all us p/a's are on a bus thats different. I was tolds by my boss don't let them undress in the 1st place. Shes having a laugh all kids undress special needs or not. Until its in black and white in the guidelines this will continue to happen. It does happen all the time too little kids and big ones too. All I will do is ring if it happens again. But u should try dressing a kid who is kicking and screaming.
As for how pupils to one p/a contacted dfe and they said its up to your local l/a, which is who I work for which is where the problem starts. They aint saying anything on this no matter how hard I get them too.

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