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Help in getting my house sold, please? Silkstone

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IrishHelen Mon 19-May-14 19:42:26

I live in a beautiful village, north of Sheffield, east of the Peaks and west of Barnsley. Recently after having an offer withdrawn on our house, we've had no more viewings. How can we get people to come and view our house? We reduced it by £5k, after a neighbour did the same and now another house the same as ours has gone up for same around the corner. It's on a smaller plot and is on for £30k more than ours. We want to sell and move on, we've been on the market for 3 months, but have only had 2 viewings in the last month, with 1 of those bidding and retracting, due to buying our neighbours, as they could move out sooner. We've two other couples on the books loving the property but needing to sell.

Help. Are we doing something wrong with our advert/photos? What can we do to get more people in a position to move to look at our house? Advice very welcome!

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 19-May-14 20:06:49

The problem for me is that there's no dining room and the kitchen isn't a dining kitchen. In a family sized house I'd expect one if not both.
Also the first pic makes it look very close to the house next door. Is it a shared front lawn?
Those are the negatives from me. smile

IrishHelen Mon 19-May-14 20:23:51

The conservatory is the dining room, which is what a lot of these houses have done in this area. It is a shared front lawn, but they aren't too close together. Thank you so much for your feedback, may be a good idea to get a different front picture. What do you think?

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 19-May-14 20:47:41

Yep, from the other side may be better.
Not keen on the conservatory dining thing personally, but I see what you mean.
Can you do a bit to tart up the back garden? Personally I find it fine, but it may be a good selling point.
Sold mine a bit ago, West Yorks, no interest for ages then three offers at once!

IrishHelen Mon 19-May-14 20:56:02

I understand what you are saying about the dining arrangement. The garden looks much better now, that was the start of spring. I'll see if they came come out and do some new pictures. Thanks for the advice smile and I hope we have the same luck with another offer soon grin

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 19-May-14 21:00:09

Good luck. grin

IrishHelen Mon 19-May-14 21:02:25

thanks Thank you smile

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