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Matlock or Ashbourne

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fionathepink Mon 19-May-14 13:26:37


We are moving to the Derbyshire area in September and are looking around Matlock or Ashbourne. I really want to know what the mother and toddler groups are like in those areas and things to do with babies. Does one area have more going on than another?

We are moving from London so I am used to doing something different every day and we are a very active family. Staying at home is not an option. Also I don't drive so if one place has better transport links than another, that would be good to know. Also any recommendations of where to get a good coffee or better yet vegan cakes, will be greatly received.

Also recommendations of nurseries would be good. Is there a forest school in both areas?

Splatch Thu 29-May-14 13:13:49

Hi, we're thinking of moving to Matlock so have just been looking for the same thing. There are a few toddler groups listed on the local pages of Netmums, not sure how up to date the postings are.

BinarySolo Sun 29-Jun-14 22:30:19

Matlock has a lot going on. Really nice area ad very outdoorsy. Cromford is a village on the outskirts and had 2 shops: scarfin books and a hippy ethnic clothing shop that both sell vegan cakes. Matlock has a park with a boating pond and fountains for the summer. It also has the awesome Boxing Day raft race tradition. It's touristy so there's loads to do. I lived in crich so buses where only hourly and alternated which direction they went in! Matlock has a bus and train station tho. Oh and the leisure centre is only a couple of years old and lovely. The pools have a changing village so families can get changed together.

I don't know Ashbourne as well but it's very pretty.

I'm actually moving back to Derbyshire after 2 years in Yorkshire and can't wait. We're moving to Belper.

fionathepink Tue 01-Jul-14 17:01:41

Oh that sounds good. We went through Cromford when looking around and it seemed very nice. Quite happy to live around the hippies. Our search is around Matlock or Glossop now. What's Belper like?

BinarySolo Tue 01-Jul-14 20:24:18

Belper's nice too. Good amenities, transport links and generally has a nice vibe. It's got a nice soft play centre and surrounded by pleasant countryside.

Stephany271 Mon 15-May-17 11:33:42

Hope everyone is well.
My husband is being relocated to Derby (from London). And we are looking to move to a nice village or something near derby (30-45 mins away). We've lived in London so far and we are really looking forward to a nice peaceful country life, however being new at all the moving away from a city I would like some advice.
We have a 7 year little girl who currently attends a catholic primary school. We would like a nice local community and good school options. Any advice?
Thank you ladies in advance for your time!

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