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LocalEditorWakefield Fri 25-Apr-14 12:46:47

Breastfeeding hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons again this week, after news broke of a mother being asked to leave a branch of Sports Direct after she breastfed her baby there. It's hugely important, of course, that we all pick up on stories such as this, and offer support to mothers who are made to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about feeding their children when they're out and about - but at times it can feel like playing catch-up.

Please click this link here to help us create a breastfeeding map of the UK.

What are your opinions on this?

LocalEditorWakefield Fri 25-Apr-14 13:31:19

I was a breastfeeding mum myself I am supporting the nurse in Leeds Sports Direct as I believe that women should be able to feed their children in any place at any time. In this day, modern day society are becoming more and more disrespectful and applying a negative idea at the concept of breastfeeding in public and more stories like this are coming out into the press.
Breastfeeding our children is the the most natural thing that a woman can do, why should we be punished for it?!

What are your opinions?

clairebabycalmvarey Fri 25-Apr-14 14:07:12

If you are in a public place then you are allowed to breastfeed as and when your baby/child needs it. Mum's do not breastfeed in public to make people feel uncomfortable, they do it because their children are hungry. Who is anyone else to say they can not provide sustenance when it is required? It's time people started concentrating on the real problems today, not an activity that is healthiest and extremely beneficial for the mothers and their next generation!

salunja Fri 25-Apr-14 14:43:21

Fully agree.I am mum of 9mnths girl,she is fully on a breastfeed as she doesn't like any other food.long story,but I have no right to stop her breastfeed because she refuse everything except bananas and some I can breastfeed anywhere and anytime just because it's only food what she is getting.and I never ever had a situations then anyone said to me that I have no right to feed her in this place...I fed her in gp waiting area,outside,in baby's changing room,in a hospital's waiting area,in a shop,sometimes in a disability wc as smell in a baby's changing room at Trinity was horrible!yes,I'm trying to feed her and show to everyone as less as I can,sometimes it's not so easy,but when baby hungry he wouldn't wait you to find secure place to feed him!

LocalEditorWakefield Sat 26-Apr-14 08:17:42

I'm glad that you are able to feed your daughter anywhere and that you are not bothered about what people's opinions may be.

I on the other hand was a secluded breastfeeder - I didn't feed my daughter in any public place and I was always self conscious of people looking or watching. I ended up feeding Millie in a disabled toilet somewhere or actually in a toilet cubicle. I look back now and think why? Why should I be ashamed? Why shouldn't I feed my daughter in public? It would only be like a woman feeding her child with a bottle.

God knows how I managed for 15 months of breastfeeding like this, but if I have another child I will not be ashamed or embarrassed to feed my child in public.

salunja Sat 26-Apr-14 10:26:24

Yeah,it depends of woman.someone would say "I don't want to show how I'm feeding my baby,so I'll try to find secure place",someone would say "I don't care what are you think,my baby is hungry and I have to feed him here and now!" smile I'm between both sides as I don't like to sit,for example,in a caffee and feed the baby,but if she'd need it,I would give her milk as she'll start to cry.when baby is happy,mother happy too,so I decide to do as much as I can to be happy with Emilija.if I wouldn't find any changing room or whatever,I'd feed her in the city centre on the bench because if not,I would hear so loud voice lol she is 9 months,big girl,but she wouldn't understand that she have wait until I'll find any place to feed her smile

LocalEditorWakefield Sun 27-Apr-14 08:34:45

You have a great positive attitude towards breastfeeding and this is what needs to be forwarded onto the people who think it is "disgusting"

Where are your favourite places to feed Emilija?

salunja Sun 27-Apr-14 09:28:06

The most comfy for me and her it is F.A.B smile nice peoples,a lot of toys,weight scales for a baby-everything what we may need. other place is mothercare baby and mother room as they are BF friendly.but more often I feed her in to baby's changing room at I said sometimes it's not possible to sit here as smell is horrible,then I'm choosing to feed her in a wc for disabled.not so comfy,but better than in a changing room :D

LocalEditorWakefield Mon 28-Apr-14 10:39:36

Is F.A.B the families and babies organisation?

salunja Mon 28-Apr-14 21:24:14

Something like that, is like a shop,you can buy off them some second hand clothes,some stuff,they are organising some groups like a breastfeeding support group,slim world group,sling meet and much can pop along while you shopping,have a cup of tea or coffee,feed baby,let him play with the toys while you have chat or cuppa.

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