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Donation only Baby Yoga in Chiswick

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pauljtaylor Thu 24-Apr-14 10:08:35

Hi Everyone

Having recently changed careers from school teacher to yoga teacher I have embarked on a lovely journey into yoga for babies and children. As part of the Birthlight Baby yoga course I am currently on, 5 sessions with 3-5 babies and mums, or dads! Are required (only babies between 4 - 8 months pls).

So am hiring a small warm room in chiswick high road for 5 monday mornings. If you would like to take part the sessions will be donation only and last around 45 minutes. (10.00 -10.45).

For more info. about the course/sessions or me, please email me at

Thank you so much
Paul Taylor

P.s. There will be a safe place for buggies!

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