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Is worcester park a nice area to live for young family?

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Washman Sun 16-Mar-14 16:17:43

Hi everyone,

We are trying to find a london suburb with easy access to city and also nice for family with young children. With our budget the only viable options seem to be sutton or bromley, we have narrowed it down to Worcester Park vs. West Wickham/Hayes. Both have good schools and about 30min commute to london.

I have been to both areas multiple times. I have to say West Wickham/Hayes looks a lot safer and quieter, with cleaner high street and better traffic. The downside is, it looks very suburban (i'm not used to village life), and i have never lived in south east london so it feels like I don't belong there.

On the other hand, Worcester Park is closer to where we live now (wandsworth), and close to places we are familiar with, ie. Kingston. But I found the high street is bit intimidating, after 6pm there are quite a few groups of teenagers walking up down the street, and some men drink beers outside news agents..

So does anyone live in Worcester Park? Can you please tell me what it's like living there with a family, is my first impression about the area correct?

Dapherdoo Tue 16-Sep-14 22:15:01


I just read your post Washman and I was wondering if you had made the move to Worcester Park yet and which area you had chosen.
We are in the process of looking at houses at the moment and we have visited the area on multiple occasions to get a feel for the place.
We saw a house on 'The Manor Drive' which seems to be a nice area.
We saw our ideal house in Colborne Way which is on the other side of the high street and Station... I work in Putney, so access to the A3 is important.
My son is starting school in September, so we need to move before end of this year with number 2 on its way end of November. A bit of a deadline looming. Would be good to hear your and anyone elses' thoughts on Worcester Park and the better areas there to live - with access to the outstanding schools which are Mead Infant School and the COE Malden Manor school on The Manor Drive.
Any info you have on what would be considered better (having come from a lovely area in Putney) would be great!
Thanks a mill

stridesy Sun 21-Sep-14 08:27:44

We live in Sutton but my son goes to dorchester Worcester Park year 1 which has had a huge amount of building work done due to the area of sutton being heavily oversubscribed.i can't fault the school (although not any of our four choices due to small catchment areas of 500 metres) my son has really general it has a low crime rate,good schools and grammes schools and seen as a good place to have good open spaces non such park and are in between croydon, Kingston and wimbledon and good for the tube (morden).not heard of mead school but I would assume that's more towards new Malden another cofe is St Dunstall cheam which is near the train station.

Poems Sat 27-Sep-14 07:48:23

Worcester Park looks busy but is nice & safe. If you look further south there's Cheam, especially the village/southern part, or Ewell West. Good schools, safe and sedate but not too suburban.

AnSol Thu 02-Aug-18 17:08:35

Did you move to Worcester Park? I’m considering moving there. My husband and I are planning to have children soon ... so any information on what it’s liek to live there would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Leleophants Tue 15-Jan-19 14:13:57

Would you say it compares well to Ewell west? We love how green it us there. When do you stop getting a seat to London?

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