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Grease - review

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LocalEditorWolverhampton Wed 12-Mar-14 17:03:33

I've decided I'm going to put reviews in talk threads or else they will run out of character count quickly and be deleted after the event. Please feel free to write your own review if you've been to a local show and if you would like to be a reviewer, do get in touch with me.

Grease - Wolverhampton Grand

Performed by Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company.

Stars * * * * *

A very talented cast of 43 sang our favourite songs from the hit musical beautifully and danced with such energy that it was tempting to get up and join them. The hand jive started with some performers in the aisles which really brought the audience into the scene.

Very simple yet clever set design allowed the stage to be quickly transformed and a very clever transformation of the car for Greased Lightening.

It was good to see "Teen Angel's" sense of humour when he had a little trouble with the set but took it in his stride.

An enjoyable show, lots of fun and definitely worth seeing if you can!

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