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Single parents interested in holidays/ daytrips

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hopeonhorizon Sat 08-Mar-14 21:35:58

Hello, with holidays approaching I recently joined SPTC single parents travel club based in the UK and am impressed by the days out and trips away, they organise often at low cost. I'm wondering is there anything going on over here? I have travelled a lot with my kids but find travelling as a lone parent can be hard work and a bit lonely in the evenings.
I know there is a Dublin meet up group anyone fancy starting one up here?

Honeybee1502 Wed 06-Aug-14 11:46:46

Hi there, I've also had a look at SPTC and have been impressed by the range of trips and holidays organised by this group - sadly there doesn't seem to be anything similar over here. My 9 year old daughter & I tend to go abroad each summer with friends or family, but we went alone this year. I found the lack of company really difficult & based on this, I'd love to get involved in planning future trips or holidays. Also, thanks for mentioning the Dublin travel group as I wasn't aware of it & will certainly have a look.

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